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15 – Free and Open source LIMS : Laboratory information management system programs and projects

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08.11.2010 · Posted in Laboratory, Open source

LIMS : is standing for ” Laboratory Information Management System ” , which is a software designed to manage laboratory data , laboratory work-flow , results validation , archiving the results in simple accessible database . There are many open source licensed LIMS , some are built for general medical laboratories , and others are built for special laboratories , here we assembled a list of open source LIMS , in order to distribute the power of open source among labs .

1 – Bika :

bika Free and Open source LIMS

bika Free and Open source LIMS

Bika is a Plone ” The web python development framework ” based project , its very flexible , customizable , Licensed under GPL .

For more information about Bika LIMS ” laboratory information management system ” here .

2 – OpenELIS :


OpenELIS : Free , Open source , Web based Enterprise Laboratory Information management System – LIMS

OpenELIS : Open source Java built , cross platform , LIMS ” laboratory Information Management System ” , Released under MPL ” Mozilla public license ” , Review .

3 – FreeLIMS :


FreeLIMS : is an open source LIMS ” Laboratory Information Management System ” licensed under GPL license , works for Linux , Windows and Mac OSX . Review .

4 – eyeLIMS :
eyeLIMS is a LIMS ” Laboratory Information Management System ” Module built on the top of eyeOS the web based Operating System . – link .

5 – ms_lims :
Ms_LIMS a freely available, open-source system based on a central database to automate data management and processing in MS-driven proteomics analyses. released under apache license .

6 – YourLabData :
Your Lab Data is a free web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), aimed at a typical small molecular biology laboratory. It allows users to manage their chemicals, fridges, freezers, boxes, strains, plasmids or glycerol’s, oligos / primers and much more.

7 – HalX :
Open source web based LIMS ” laboratory Information Management System ” , Still in Alpha stage , developed to keep track of all the experimental details of any type of biochemical, molecular biology or structural biology experiment .

8 – OMIL :


OMIL Web application written in PHP & MySQL, it was created to replace a paper form filled by the users of laboratory requests for travel orders. OMIL is very convenient for people located in different buildings.

9 – Science Lab Inventory & Order Management :
Science Laboratory Inventory and Orders Management System: more suitable for school’s science laboratories to manage stored items (chemical and equipment) and add a way to order them on-line for science lessons and practical experiments. Built with PHP and uses MySQL for database . released under

10 – LabStoRe :
LabStoRE : is a web based LIMS ” Laboratory Information management System built with PHP and uses MySQL database . Its modular, multi account-based, inventory or LIMS system that provides a way to collect, maintain, present and archive information on laboratory stocks and records.

11 – LabLog :
The LabLog is a free tool to document projects running in a lab and to manage experimentally obtained data and its metadata. LabLog interfaces to a mySQL database that stores this information. Allows easy searching and retrieval of once recorded data.

12 – FlowCytometry LIMS :



The Flow Cytometry Laboratory Information Management System (FlowLIMS) is a web-based software system that gives users the ability to create and manage experiment protocols for the DiVa and FACScan flow cytometers

13 – protLIMS :
protLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System dedicated to studies in the realm of proteomics. The goal of the prototype version is to develop the system to the point in the analytical workflow where samples are prepared for mass spectroscopy. This entails recording of biological sample data, sample preparation, protein separation/resolution, and isolated protein sample preparation, etc.



Built with Java and designed to be web based , run in a J2EE-compliant application server, uses a relational database for data management and the server file system for file storage.
for motr info and screenshots – link .

14 – Electronic Laboratory Notebook :


Electronic Laboratory Notebook

The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) – a collaborative, web-based analog of the paper notebook. The ELN can be used to share and record text, images, 3-D molecular structures, live graphs, etc. and can be extended to support additional data types. built using Java and Perl and released under Open source license .

Incoming release :

15 – Open-LIMS :



Open source web based LIMS built up with PHP , MySQL and uses Java for services demon . planned to be released under GPL 3.0 license .

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