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25 top Google Wave Bots and Extensions for researchers and doctors .

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06.20.2010 · Posted in Articles, Medicine2.0

Google wave is a great tool for collaboration , sharing , working and team tracking as well as a project management , its an interactive dynamic collaborating tool for teams . As Google wave built to be extend-able with new features powered by community of developers who also are users , they improve many features as well as adding many new other features to Wave , through flexible API developers manage to create extensions as well as make an automated buddies which more features .

In this article i will post a list of the most useful for researchers and doctors , but first of all what is in Google wave for doctors and researchers ?

  • Connectivity : Interactive , real-time and dynamic connectivity with teams , colleagues for discussion , sharing and tracking .
  • Sharing : Ideas , Resources , Thoughts , Concepts ,
  • Collaboration : as a project management tool ,
  • Brain storming : Interactive brain storming ,
  • Project management ,
  • Collaborative writing : very handy for researchers to collaborate in writing articles , papers ….
  • Dynamic Discussion : included as real-time discussion .

Google Wave bots :

The bot is an automated contact robot , has an ID as ” ” , it works soon as you add it to your waves contributers list , to enable it to a certain wave just add it as a contributer to this wave .

Useful Google wave bots for researchers and doctors :

It enables the user to embed the wave in their blogs and other web publishing CMS ,

It exports the wave to a PDF file .

Allowing adding pictures from online resources since the Google wave does not support that yet .

For highlighted topics, inserts short description from Wikipedia in a new blip.

Syntaxy does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, css and javascript.

Adding links and info summary from Wikipedia into a new blip , just define the term as in <wikify informatics> .

it removes empty blips . Personally i suffer from empty blips so i consider this bot very useful to add it to this list .

Lets you export waves into Google Docs .

Embed charts and diagrams from Google Chart API service. Check the bot`s page for usage information .

To publish your waves to wordpress blogs it requires wordpress plugin to work wavrt to be installed on wordpress .

It publishes the content of waves to a blog site.

To track down your twitter account in real-time .

Adding Google Maps into your wave .

It has very useful tools as integrating RSS feed into wave , Searching Google news and other features .

Robot to manage groups.

Inserts a chart into a wave.

Auto-generate Table of Contents auto-generated and updated based on the h1,h2,h3,h4 in a wave.

It Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave .

Google Wave extensions :

Here is a collection for the most useful Google Waves extensions for researchers and doctors .

A fully collaborative diagram editor for Google Wave. It exports to UML , BPMN ” Business process Modeling Notation ” , FMC ” Fundamental Modeling Concepts ” , EPC ” Event-Driven Process Chains ”

  • 2 – Manage Tasks Google Wave Extension :

It adds a ToDo list and Tasks manager capability to your Google Wave .

  • 3 – Unawave – Projects management extension for Google Wave .
  • 4 – ConceptDraw – Mind Mapping Google Wave extension .

Enables you to create collaborative mind maps with contacts . For usage instructions and tutorials check Concept draw mind maps extension page .

  • 5 – Mind Map gadgets – Google wave Mind mapping extension .

Another Google wave extension for mind mapping .

  • 6 – PulsOn : Idea rating Google Wave extension .
  • 7 – DocXwave import/export – a Google Wave Extension to enables documents exporting of waves :

Convert/import Microsoft Word (doc/docx/rtf) and OpenOffice (odt/sxw) documents, and export to docx.

Honorable mention and very important bot ” out of the list ” :

Seekdroid ” Google Wave bots looking-up and search tool ” – :

You can list Robots, add them and find them out, easy to use. In continuous development. Website with all the information

Well Thats it for now . if you found any useful Google Wave extensions or Google Wave bot , please don’t hasitate to add it in a comment in this post .

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