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Gapminder : Beautify your presentation and redevelop your world

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06.17.2010 · Posted in Articles

Gapminder :is a very creative and useful project , its a desktop application built-with Adobe AIR technology , to ” converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics ” . Gapminder requires Adobe AIR runtime in order to be installed since its an AIR package . Its working on Linux , Windows , Mac OSX .

Gapminder On Ubuntu Linux

Users can create their own graphs using Google tools as : Google Docs ” Spreadsheet ” , to insert their statistical data then export it through Motion Chart – L -a Google gadget . More information about it here .

Hans Rosling the main founder of the project explained in His TED video why he started the project and what is the benefits of it  Hans Rosling presentation on TED .

Gapminder`s website contains an online version of graphs list and the data indicators listed in Gapminder graphs .

Human Rights from Gapminder Foundation on Vimeo.

More resources :

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