HIS Hospital Information Systems Solutions


HIS ( Hospital Information System ) : Its a definition to a comprehensive , integrated information system built for managing the operation in running health care facilities ( Hospitals ) .

HIS as any other integrated system , needs time for developing , require special type of professional skills for development and software production but most importantly it costs money for  development , installation , support and upgrade .

Somehow there are free and open source solutions in the area of HIS ” Hospital Information Systems ” some of them built by freelance developers and others by team . Some companies produce free editions of their HIS with limited tasks and features .

In this article , i made a list of many HIS systems free , open source and also some commercial ones . hope this list will be helpful for who is looking for open source or free solutions , as well as for developers to try out examples of how HIS look like .

Commercial HIS solutions

HospitalGatelink -( Commercial ):

Free trial , Multi-user and networking HIS solution , but its NOT completely free , it has a price for installation and support along with 3 different editions .
Charity hospital and health care facilities can apply for Free Software Licenses for charitable organization

hospitalgate-Hospital Information System

Netripples Hospital Management System (HMS)link – : ( Commercial , Windows )
is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Hospital. It is designed with a easy-to-use user interface. System has the capability to administer the total enterprise efficiently manage information. The system is designed modularly. Integrating modules and adding users allows the flexibility of the user to plan implementation in phases.

Hospital Management System-HIS-Hospital Information System

Screenshot by www.softlist.net

NVISH HMS ( Commercial , Windows ) – link , blog

Free HIS ( Hospital Information systems )

Advanced Hospital Management System ( Free , Windows platform ) link :
Advanced Hospital Management System is a complete package one needs for a hospital to deal with all the day to day operations taking place. The program can look after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, and billings. It also maintains their in hospital info such as ward ID, Doctord in Charge, and Department administering. Version 1 includes unspecified updates.

The website is down , but the files are available for downloads from c.net downloads and some other software files portals .

Advanced hospital software : HIS-Hospital Information System

Screenshot and description : download.com

Open source HIS – Hospital Information Systems

Care2x ( Open source , web based , cross platform ) – link – :
Its a community developed open source system for Integrated health care environment .

It has a HIS ( Hospital Information System ) feature among other useful features needed . Care2X is written in interpreted language , which means its platform independent can run on any platform ( Windows , Linux , OSX ) .

Translations : Care2x is translated by its users community to many languages including French , German , Arabic , Spanish , Norwegian , Italian , with some other languages their translation in progress .

Documentation : Cares2x is well documented for users , developers , and translators . The wiki documentation is rich and full of tutorials and tips . ( Care2X documentation )

Plugins : Care2x has set of useful plugin , which are available for download in Care2x web site .

-Hospital OS ( Open source ) – link – :
is an open source HIS ( Hospital information system ) , developed in Thailand , and supported financially by Thailand Research Fund . Hospital OS built to support small rural hospitals in Thailand .

Hospital OS developed using JAVA so it can runs on Microsoft Windows ( 98 , XP , Vista , and Windows 7 ) , Linux and OSX . Some features of Hospital OS are Registration, Medical Records, Patient Screening Counter, X-Ray Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical Statistics, IPD cashier, One Stop Service Point and system administrator .

-HOSxP ( Open source ) – link – :
Another HIS ( Hospital Information System ) from Thailand .
HOSxP uses a client-server architecture. For the database server, it is claimed to run on many RDBMS, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Interbase/Firebird.

HOSxP also can work in linux cause it uses Borland Delphi and Kylix .

HOSxP : HIS - Hospital Information System

-Medical HIS ( open source ) – link – :
Medical is an open source HIS ( Hospital information system ) hosted at sourceforge.net , multi-user, highly scalable .
Medical HIS`s  goal is to provide a free, universal EMR / HIS, where developing countries can also benefit. Its features rich , and completely open source licensed under GPL v3 .

-Medintux HIS –link– :
its a French open source HIS , using QT and MySQL . unfortunately it needs a translation to internationalize its interface to the world language but mostly to English .

-Systems Osiris Hospital ( open source , linux ) link , sourceforge – :
The system hospital osiris, it is an open source project for administration of hospitals .
Technologies used :  Glade+Mono+Sharp+GTK
OS :  GNU/Linux .
No official site yet , the project is still in active development , you can download the released files from sourceforge page .

Saukhya-Must ( open source , cross platform ) – link – :
is an open source indian basic hospital management software . developed by Zudha , official disruption : Web-based basic nursing home / healthcare management system that enables fast, accurate and automated collection of patient data and subsequent report generation, ideal for small general hospitals. its licened under GPL .

-Pflege Portal
( open source , web based ) – link -:
Web Based Hospital Information System i.e for quality assurance (bedsore, decubitus ulcer) in Germany. Written in Perl and tested on MySQL. Works with HTML templates. Easy to modify. Available from any workstation through a Browser. Modular and scalable.
Screenshot in german intrface source from sourceforge

pflegeportal-HIS-Hospital Information System

-Hospital Schedule for Thai Healthcare ( Open source ) – link -:
Hoschedule is healthcare worker scheduling system.That is design working time for physicians,dentists,pharmacists,nurses and medical employees.This project has been tested and successfully implemented at Plaengyao Hospital,Chachoengsao Province,Thailand.

-Clinical Handover Database ( open source , web based ) – link – :
PHP web based Database for hospital doctors and nurses to keep track of their patients. The database will be of use in the advent of hospital at night, weekend handovers and produces ‘sign-out sheets’ for all of your patients.

Trax – ER Patient Tracking link :
Free ED patient tracking system. A simple and intuitive web based application for tracking patient flow and care in a hospital emergency department