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OpenWalnut Open source brain data visualization

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09.30.2011 · Posted in Open source, Simulation, Visualization

OpenWalnut is an open source multi-platform tool for multi-modal medical and brain data visualization. Its universality allows it to be easily extended and used in a large variety of application cases. It is both, a tool for the scientific user and a powerful framework for the visualization researcher.

Developer note :
Written in C , and depending / using : QT Boost and OpenSceneGraph

Documentation : Openwalnut is well documented , including installation , using tutorials , and developer documentations for developers who are willing to extend , modify or port it .

Downloads :
Linux : easy to install on Linux ( Debian ) as it’s found in it’s repositories . and users can install from source ,
Mac OSX Package is available
Windows : installation through MinGW and Visual Studio

License : OpenWalnut is released under LGPL3



OpenWalnut at Debian package

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