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Pareto chart what is it and how to make one using excel and open office

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08.14.2009 · Posted in Articles

Introduction :
Pareto chart is a compound chart of 2 types bars and liner . the bars display the values in descending and the line display the cumulative totals of each category . Pareto chart is used to graphically summarize and display the relative importance of the differences between groups of data.

Formation of Pareto chart :

pareto chart

Pareto chart has 3 axises :

Horizontal axis : is for group ( also called categories , bins , and segments )

Left side vertical axis : which is used to display frequency for each category .

Right side axis : is for cumulative percentage of the total number of occurrences, total cost, or total of the particular unit of measure.

Notes about Pareto chart :

1- the pareto chart is ordered in descending frequency magnitude.
2- The groups are defined by the user .
3-The cumulative function is a concave function .

Pareto chart  is a part of quality control tools , quality specialists and personals uses to represent the most important factors such as represents the most common sources of defects, the highest occurring type of defect, or the most frequent reasons for customer complaints .

Other Quality control tools : histogram, check sheet, control chart, cause-and-effect diagram, flowchart, and scatter diagram.

How to make Pareto chart :
Microsoft office :
A detailed tutorial with graphs how to make Pareto chart in Microsoft Excel 2007 : Tutorial .

Open office :
Someone make an outstanding 8 slides presentation simply explained in hot to use open office to create pareto chart .
There is another old tutorial how to make pareto chart dated at 2003 with open office as well in open office forum .

Other tools :

Well if you know hot to code , and have some time to get your hands wet , there is an out standing php – flash chart library for different types of charts including pareto chart .

Pareto chart excel template :
Using this template you can know how to create your own pareto chart unless you reuse it .

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