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SlidesWorld : Medical Slideshows and Eductional Presentations! -Review-

Share on Facebook Its a medical presentations and slideshows search engine , so far as the site describe in the FAQ tells it look-up in about 5 5 million presentations (.ppt) on medical and health topics .


- Homepage :
Homepage contains simple search box for searching PPT The medical presentations and Slideshows , which is uploaded and organized in categories , also there is quick access links for the main categories of the site as popular , featured , browse , latest and tags , but those links are mixed with the main site common menu : FAQ , Dsiclamier , About Us , Feedback , and Contact . Which as a web developer and a design i see a huge mistake .

There is an RSS feed link as well in this quick access menu along with RSS icon for quick subscribing in the title bar .

In the homepage of slideworld there are also 2 large buttons which pretty explain the aim of slideshare : Empowered Patients and Medical professionals  .

-Searching and Browsing the site :
Searching the site is pretty easy , however the user may search for medical presentations and slideshow as well as medical books or in both . For browsing the sute the quick menu at the top and Slideshare also provides tags for all medical topics for quick , and easy browsing , however the categories are accessible through Browse , but from the home page Tags are pretty different than Browse its simply tags  which suprisngly is NOT included in-site links .

-Viewing and playing the slideshow :
playing and viewing the slideshow is pretty easy , regarding it has similar interface to the other powerpoint and slideshows sharing services , also bookmarking and sharing the slideshows and presentations with the famous social bookmarking services .

- Uploading :
Users can sign-up and upload their slideshows and presentations in powerpoint PPT , PPS formats and PDF format as well, though with the other users capabilities users can create groups and blogs , but there is limitation for uploading, the user have a limit of 50 MB .

-Social features :

Slideshare has a good social performance for the end users , including commenting , rating , sharing , with other options open for the registered , logged users . one of the most interactive user is integrating twitter in commenting process which will enable more interaction with slideshare among twitter users .

-Example of Content categories :

Allergy , Anesthesiology , Alternative Medicine , Cancer , Cardiology , Conferences , Dental , Diet and Nutrition , Dermatology , Neurology , Family Medicine , Internal Medicine ,Obstetrics and Gynecology  , Ophthalmology , Psychiatry ,Otolaryngology , Radiology , Pathology , Pediatrics and Surgery .

- Twitter and Slideshare : has an account on Twitter which has over 800 tweets so far with over 6700 followers , hopefully they are not tweeting so fast to keep tracking them !

Conclusion :
The site is actually one of the most needed project for medical filed  , its simple , easy to use , with simple user interface and quite large amount of data , however there are many other contributions should be considered as  Seminars and conferences outputs , also i  suggest to edit the guidelines for the submitted materials to include The Place where this Slideshow ere presented and when for easy archiving and searching regarding to place as well as the contact details of the author

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  • Amonia_solution

    i need a powerpoint that contains inf about the tibial and post tibial nerves thanx in advance

  • Amonia_solution

    i need a powerpoint that contains inf about the tibial and post tibial nerves thanx in advance

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