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30 Medical Video Channels : for Medical Education .

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10.22.2009 · Posted in Articles, Featured, Media 2.0, Medicine2.0 is a social video network , its the most popular site in its area yet , its also owned by Google inc. , as any other popular social site , has also a huge set of users in medical field such as doctors or medical students .


Videos in medical fields have always been a huge value for medical education , either it was for pre-graduate medical student or for ongoing continuous medical educations , there are many of medical videos at mainly submitted by users randomly to their accounts , but there are many medical channels which are broadcasting medical videos , some of those are directed for certain special as surgery and radiology but most of them are general medical videos .

What is so great about this series of medical video channels ,they have got attention of users , even some of them highlight and added their videos to their playlists as well as pushed some videos to featured videos .

This Series of medical video channels i classify to groups : General medical videos , 3D medical videos , Surgery , Laparoscopic surgery , Plastic Surgery , USMLE , Clinical Skills , Radiology .

1-University of Maryland Medical CenterChannel :
The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is a major, innovative teaching hospital that provides health care to people throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.

2-YouTube Medical School – Surgicalgown’s Channel ( Surgical Operation Videos ) – Channel :
This online med school has 380 videos(Sept., 09) of real operations & patients.

3-Spore Medical : Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Channel :
Already wrote a quick review about it in here .

4-Clinical Skills Videos channel :
Wrote a quick review about it in here .

5-Real Health Answers Com Channel :
a General Healthcare Videos from .

6-USMLE Video Lectures Channel :
It provides video lectures avout USMLE step 1 , Step2 , with tips . so far it has over 51 videos uploaded .

7-USMLE Algorithms Channel :
These video clips are algorithms that were made specifically for students preparing for the USMLE exams.

8-CDC Youtube Channel .

9-University of Michigan Stem Cell Research Channel :
The University of Michigan is a world leader in adult stem cell research and home to one of six U.S. core facilities for the maintenance of federally approved lines of human embryonic stem cells. – link .

10-British Medical Journal channel :
Published since 1840, the BMJ ( is an international general medical journal, published weekly in print and updated daily online.

11-Penn State Hershey Medical Center Channel :
Central Pennsylvania’s largest medical center brings you health information to help you live better!

12-MediVisuals 3D Medical Animation Company Channel :
They are publishing samples of their 3d medical animation videos .

13-Fauquier ENT ConsultantsChannel :
Fauquier ENT is a private otolaryngology (ENT) & allergy practice. We are located in Northern Virginia, about 1 hour directly west of Washington DC. We have created this YouTube channel as a service to our patients to find and watch qualty video on a variety of ENT topics from one central location.

14-Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryVideo Channel .

15-OsceTube : Random Medical VideosChannel .

16-Hybrid Medical Animation VideoChannel :
3D medical Videos  .

17-Dragofeu2′s Channel :
Laparoscopic Surgical Operations Videos .

18-Drbobrd ‘s Human Anatomy VideosChannel :
This channel contains videos of anatomical models used at Modesto Junior College to teach human anatomy.

19-Medicaldtv’s Channel :
70 Medical Videos including clinical cases , surgical operations and Medical Video Lectures .

20-Drkonstantinidis `s Channel :
Laparoscopic Robotic Surgery Da Vinci Surgical System .

21-Human Anatomy Videos Channel :
Human Anatomy Videos for medical students .

22-ORLive : Live Surgery VideosChannel :
Surgery Channel : Live Surgical Operation Videos

23-DoctorWeinstein Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Video Channel .

24-MDSonography’s Channel :
MDSonography’s Channel Closing to 50 videos with clear quality videos uploaded . its a good resource for who are looking for good Sonography videos .

25-RadRounds Radiology Network  – Radiology Videos Channel .

26- Open Heart Surgery VideosChannel :
a Series of videos uploaded by MD. Bassam F. Akasheh , a Cardiac Surgeon from Amman, Jordan . in his personal account titled by his name .

27-Scripps Health – San Diego - Channel :
Scripps Health is a not-for-profit, community-based health care delivery network in San Diego, California, that includes four acute-care hospitals on five campuses, more than 2,300 affiliated physicians, an extensive ambulatory care network, home health care and associated support services. , Medical Knowledge OverdoseChannel :
well it has few videos comparing to the others but its promising .

29-DrFoleyinOlympia’s Channel :
Plastic and Cosmetic surgery commercial channel

30-Nucleus Medical – Medical Video ShowcaseChannel :
Its a company specializing in medical illustrations, animations and interactive multimedia for health care and medical education .

Honorable mention :
-Video surgery a surgical videos youtube channel .
-DiscoveryHealth .
-UCTV, University of California Television – youtube channel .
-National Geographic .
-BBCWorldwide .

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