Urinary Catheterization Indwelling Catheter (Female)

Hamza Emadeen

A Computer Geek self-thought , Free Styler designer and Developer . An open source Kid , a blogger who has been playing ( geeking ) around computers since the 90s . This kid happened to be a Doctor .

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWKNK6TCFZ4NVZJ3B7JIOHKO5M Anto

    It doesn’t look like she inserted it in the higher hole. Thats too low! (05:05). Look like it’s the vagina to me.
    I bet this is because this is staged, at 5:00, a pair of blue ankle socks spawn from nowhere at the patient’s feet. Then at 05:40, the socks disappear again, as you can see part of her bare feet and her ankles, this just after the nurse hangs the drainage bag at the bed side, when still wore her socks. But shortly after she secure the foley at her right thigh.